My God-Sized Dreams for 2010

I am participating in an (in)courage blog carnival where bloggers answer the question “What are your God-sized dreams for 2010?

There is a chance to win a special limited edition (in)courage t-shirt, but that’s not why I’m participating. I’m participating because I have some really big God-sized dreams for 2010, and this gave me the perfect excuse to tell you about them.

I dream that I will be able to go from working wife to stay at home wife. 

Right now I’m so frazzled between work, church, family, and costuming that I don’t have time to keep the house properly. It’s habitable, but I feel like it needs so much more.  Of course, giving up my day job will mean we have to make a lot of sacrifices. My husband is a teacher, and teachers aren’t paid well in this State. We are cutting expenses, especially the discretionary ones, but God is really going to have to come through on this one.

I dream that we will buy a house this year.

Our dream home is becoming more affordable. Not only do I want to buy a house, but I want to buy a house that we can afford on my husband’s salary alone.  I do know that our first home may not be exactly what we always dreamed of, but I am trusting God to work out the details and bring us to the right house.

I dream that I will finish a book suitable for publication.

I write all the time and have a lot of stories in the works.  I have four viable books in different stages. I let self-doubt creep in and tell myself that no one will want to read my stories. I know this is not true since God gave me the gift of writing and many great ideas. It is my job to write and polish and God’s to inspire and work out the details of publication.


4 responses to “My God-Sized Dreams for 2010

  1. Hi. Happy 2010. And may your GOD-SIZED dreams come true. It’s strange but we almost have identical dreams. Lets keep the FAITH UP. God bless you.

  2. I hope all your dreams come true, though I know sometimes it can take a little longer than planned.

  3. God gives us dreams. No matter what we pray for
    God always knows what’s best! You can do it with Him as the center of your lives.