Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

At first I didn’t like the movie simply because I thought the movie portrayed Holmes in a way I thought was contradictory to the books.

I revised my opinion after reading A Study in Scarlet and realized when my mother read the Sherlock Holmes stories to us as children she must have used the children’s version or left out important details.

The movie producers captured Holmes’ bohemian character splendidly.  In the books, Sherlock Holmes isn’t a savory character; between his bouts of genius he resorts to drug use. The movie accurately captures the essence of Holmes, Watson, and other characters in a new story.

The movie was exciting, maybe just a little too exciting to suspend disbelief.  However, it’s one of the most exciting Sherlock Holmes movies I’ve seen, and the first one that correctly portrayed his character.

I recommend the movie with reservations; it is not for younger audiences because of the violence and the open references to occult practices.


One response to “Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

  1. I have NOT seen the movie– I have read all the books and have most of them on VCR tapes also. I may not go see the movie. Have not decided yet.
    I like Basil Rathbone as Sherlock!!! Mackie