I Am

I am a Christian. It’s not enough to know something, you have to do something about it. Ask me what I mean.

I am a young 20 something married woman. I married Prince Charming (PC) in June ’04. I truly love him more than I ever thought possible.

I am scarred for life. In June 2008, PC died, but my merciful Savior brought him back to life. This near tragedy marked me, though healing is taking place, I still have the scars. (Read PC Updates under categories for more information.)

I am a child whisperer meaning I connect with children. I love children and they love me.  I try to ignore children and act grown up, but they flock to me, and before you know it, I am caught up in their merry games.  I hope I do not lose this gift when we are blessed with our own children.

I am a budding costume designer. I started my own Custom Sewing and Alterations business Cotton Costumes, Ltd. this year. I have five years experience designing costumes for community venues. I am self-educated and read everything I can about sewing, costume design, and historical fashion.

I am a paralegal. I enjoy my job. I especially love the research (think detective work) and writing. My life in the legal profession is interesting and I never have a shortage of non-privileged stories to tell.

I am a writer. I write all the time.  I write for my job, I write for stress relief, I write for entertainment, I write for my blog (sporadically due to the every growing demands on my time from Cotton Costumes, Ltd.), and I write for the sake of writing. A wise man told me if you want to be an author you must write. I do. I have more than 60 stories in various stages of completion and one complete novel. I also love parenthesis, if you can’t tell.

I am an activist. I feel strongly about certain circumstances and those thoughts come through on my blog and Twitter. Subjects that rile me up are human trafficking, global warming, and commercial food production.

I am an amateur photographer, and always have my trusty point and shoot in my purse. I tend to annoy friends and family with the time I spend photo taking. Pictures I post may be used with permission only. Please don’t steal.

I am an accidental artist.  I started drawing (from life) in October 2008. I never thought that I had any artistic ability until I drew a profile of my grandfather that looked like him. Up to this point, my drawings always looked childish. I took Drawing and Watercolor college courses in the Spring 2009. To see some of my work, use the Categories “Drawing” and “Watercolor” in the drop down box on the side bar. I don’t believe I have any natural artistic talent, though others disagree. My opinion is anyone can learn to do anything if they really want to, some just have to work harder than others.


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