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April Fools Day

Yesterday, PC called me after school let out to tell me the April Fools Joke I should play. Note, I’ve avoided this joke, thinking that I’d upset him. A friend of mine played the same joke last year.

On Twitter, I simply Tweeted that I was looking at two pink lines, that I needed to call PC, and that this explained why I wasn’t losing weight. I didn’t have to say anything else, because what else has two pink lines that necessitates a call to my husband? Twitter updates my Facebook status.

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means church.

PC called me to tell me that he was keeping up the joke, and I should too. Incidentally, PC said Celebrating Kids as his Facebook status, just in case anyone was confused by the pink lines on mine.

I was mobbed. Fine, that was creative licence, I wasn’t mobbed, but approached by a number of friends congratulating me. My brother called because one of his friends, who’s my friend on Facebook, called him to find out if I really was pregnant. I kept up the joke for a while, deliberately misleading people, but not out and out lying. This makes me feel better about myself, but a friend told me I was going to burn in hell for lying to her.

Long story short, I’m not pregnant. April Fools!

Also, chapter 10, part 2 is published. This is not an April Fools joke.


Chapter 9 is Published


Now Kid can quit bugging me for about ten minutes, the time it will take her to read the chapter.

Kid, you ought to re-read the chapters to see if you can pick up some of the subtle clues that will soon be important. I’m sure you read too fast to find them before.


I’m not blogging but I am being productive in the writing arena. I just published (on my blog) Chapter 8 of my book.

My nickname for the book is LV Spy Story. I do have a title, but I’m not revealing it yet.

Please feel free to read and comment. I do ask, though, that you email me (or comment here) for a password so I can keep track of my readership. Please, visit my “Chapters” page for more information and for the chapters.

Please, visit.


Pretty please.

Alright, I’ll bribe you; if my readership increases to 10, I’ll have a giveaway. I’m thinking a gift card to a fairly universal coffee place or ice cream place. Right now I have two readers.

Terry Goodkind p. 2

I met Mr. Goodkind on Saturday evening!

He was great and human, imagine that, a human being human. He autographed both the Wizard’s First Rule that I brought and Faith of the Fallen, the book that I’m to in the series. He gave me Faith of the Fallen. I was somewhat scared to ask him for an autograph, but he said he loved when people asked because it was like reliving the first time all over again, or something like that. Did I mention that I was a little star struck? I may have been one of the few people there who actually read his books. I didn’t have my picture taken with him, but PC did since PC helped with the short film.

Mr. Goodkind’s wife was a charming hostess, and I got the impression that they were very much devoted to each other. I loved to see that devotion.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodkind conducted a tour of their home and we were able to see his office, where he writes, I presume. There was a sign posted above the door “No one gets in to see the Wizard. No Way. No How.” On googling the phrase, I believe this may actually be a quote from the Wizard of Oz.

Mr. Goodkind has all the original artwork from his book covers hanging throughout his house. More notable is that Mr. Goodkind is an artist, so there are a number of his own paintings also hanging throughout the house. I knew he was an artist, but forgot until I was looking at the pictures and read his name at the bottom.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening and I was very honored and privileged to meet a best selling author.

Your Attention is Required

1. I have a contest over on Cotton Costumes Blog (linked at the right); please visit and enter today.

2. I put up the first chapter of the book I’m writing for NaNoWriMo and only had one person ask me for the password. If you’re interested, please email me.


Here are my two story starts. A story start is my term for an idea for a story that I had that I outlined or jotted down to come back to later. I have many ideas for stories when I’m writing, but don’t want to stop what I’m doing to explore the idea. They come in flashes, like poignant scenes in movies.

Idea 1: a fantasy story that is mildly allegorical, involves an underground society, sorcerers, and the oracles (wise men/women like wizards without magic) who battle against the sorcerers.

Idea 2: a mystery/suspense story involving terrorists and defusing a plot, takes place mainly in Las Vegas, but hero will do some travelling.

1700 words a day, here I come.

National Novel Writing Month

Since I clearly am not busy enough working, building my at home business Cotton Costumes, and trying to lose weight (through diet and exercise) I think I’ll participate in National Novel Writing Month. My handy dandy new computer, which is small enough to tote around in my purse, could go with me everywhere. I would only need to write 50,000 words in 30 days, which is 1700 words a day or 3-5 pages a day.

What do you think?

Should I go for it?

Which of these two genres would you be most likely to read: suspense or fantasy?