The Coming Wrath Book Review

I happened across The Coming Wrath free book download on the Creation Research Society website.

This is an excellent book about the life and times of Noah and his family up to the time of the flood. The author paints a vivid picture of the pre-flood earth and people’s reaction to Noah’s prophecy.

The storyteller in the book is the wife of Shem, and she is writing the story hundreds of years following the flood. The interjections by Shem’s wife are a little distracting.

I highly recommend this book. Even better, it’s a free download. Please download it and read it today. Of course, if you enjoy this book, you’ll have to purchase the sequel, Mabbul.


Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

At first I didn’t like the movie simply because I thought the movie portrayed Holmes in a way I thought was contradictory to the books.

I revised my opinion after reading A Study in Scarlet and realized when my mother read the Sherlock Holmes stories to us as children she must have used the children’s version or left out important details.

The movie producers captured Holmes’ bohemian character splendidly.  In the books, Sherlock Holmes isn’t a savory character; between his bouts of genius he resorts to drug use. The movie accurately captures the essence of Holmes, Watson, and other characters in a new story.

The movie was exciting, maybe just a little too exciting to suspend disbelief.  However, it’s one of the most exciting Sherlock Holmes movies I’ve seen, and the first one that correctly portrayed his character.

I recommend the movie with reservations; it is not for younger audiences because of the violence and the open references to occult practices.

My God-Sized Dreams for 2010

I am participating in an (in)courage blog carnival where bloggers answer the question “What are your God-sized dreams for 2010?

There is a chance to win a special limited edition (in)courage t-shirt, but that’s not why I’m participating. I’m participating because I have some really big God-sized dreams for 2010, and this gave me the perfect excuse to tell you about them.

I dream that I will be able to go from working wife to stay at home wife. 

Right now I’m so frazzled between work, church, family, and costuming that I don’t have time to keep the house properly. It’s habitable, but I feel like it needs so much more.  Of course, giving up my day job will mean we have to make a lot of sacrifices. My husband is a teacher, and teachers aren’t paid well in this State. We are cutting expenses, especially the discretionary ones, but God is really going to have to come through on this one.

I dream that we will buy a house this year.

Our dream home is becoming more affordable. Not only do I want to buy a house, but I want to buy a house that we can afford on my husband’s salary alone.  I do know that our first home may not be exactly what we always dreamed of, but I am trusting God to work out the details and bring us to the right house.

I dream that I will finish a book suitable for publication.

I write all the time and have a lot of stories in the works.  I have four viable books in different stages. I let self-doubt creep in and tell myself that no one will want to read my stories. I know this is not true since God gave me the gift of writing and many great ideas. It is my job to write and polish and God’s to inspire and work out the details of publication.

It’s Complicated Movie Review

It’s Complicated is about a divorced woman who’s ex-husband starts trying to woo her back. The premise is believable and the actors did an execellent job.

The movie is rated “R” for sexual content.

I do not recommend this movie because I do not like supporting movies that flaunt drug use.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy Book Review

The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a post apocalyptic novel about survival and love. This is the first book that I read by McCarthy, though I recognize some of his other titles.

The prose is different from most novels, using minimal punctuation and attributes. At first this is difficult to follow, but becomes easier to understand as the novel progresses. The prose supplements the vivid picture painted by McCarthy.

I highly recommend this book.

Christmas Memories

Christmas Lights on the River (in San Antonio).

Driving 8 hours from one Grandparents’ house to the other on Christmas Day.

Opening one carefully selected gift on Christmas Eve.

Opening my presents early and re-wrapping them. (Only once or twice. Sorry Santa.)


Waking up while it was still dark to open presents but having to wait until the adults were ready.

Candlelight Service.

The living tree that was supposed to be planted but didn’t live through Christmas.

Christmas sweaters from Grandma, even though I hated them.


Ballet Lessons. The most memorable Christmas gift.

The Nutcracker Ballet.

Christmas carols on the radio.

Evergreens and Snow. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without them even though most of my Christmases were spent in Nevada or Texas.

Unwrapping 15 nested boxes to find a ring. Yes, the engaging kind.

What are your memories?

Blind Side Review

My husband (PC) and I saw this awesome movie.

I don’t watch TV at all any more because I’m too busy with Cotton Costumes, Ltd., the holidays, church, and work. I did not know what this movie was about going into it. My husband said let’s go see a movie, and I grabbed my purse. We don’t see movies that often, and he has impeccable taste in movies.

As we were headed into the theatre, PC suggested that perhaps this was a football movie.

What?  I don’t really like sports movies.

This was not a sports movie, sure sports played into it, but the real story was about the rescue of Michael Oher from a life that would have otherwise ended in tragedy. I give it two thumbs up.

Please, go see this movie and support positive family entertainment instead of that wildly popular vampire movie.