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Fashion Designer President

I took a Jung Career Indicator that I found linked on one of the blogs to which I subscribe. Click here if you would like to take the test.

My results:

I am a: ENFJ

Strength of the preferences:

Extroverted 11% (Slightly expressed extrovert)
Intuitive 50% (Moderately expressed intuitive personality)
Feeling 25% (Moderately expressed feeling personality)
Judging 44% (Moderately expressed judging personality)

The surprise, other well known people with similar personalities: Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Clara Barton and Tony Blair.

I think I’m more than a slight extrovert, but go figure.

Suggested careers: fashion and politics. (There were others too like Education, Management, Science, Computer Programming, Social Work and Counseling.)

So, what do you think? Does the test sound like me?

May I influence your opinion by saying that I will run for president in 2036 and that I also haveĀ a blossoming Costume Design business?