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Town Square and Santa’s Arrival

What happened to Santa Clause arriving on Thanksgiving at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? It seems all area malls are moving up Santa’s arrival two weeks.

PC and I went to Town Square for date night to see Santa arrive. I was positively giddy at quitting time on Friday in anticipation.

There was a marching band playing at the east side, it was the marching band from the school at which my husband teaches. We waved to his students and said hi to the teachers. They were great, of course.

After playing several Christmas Carols and the fight song, the band re-arranged for the parade.

Santa was preceded by enchanting creatures: elves, snow flakes, reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman. Then came Santa in a white horse drawn carriage. He passed right in front of us.

We then marched next to the band down the streets to Santa’s workshop. (A benefit of our affiliation with the school). At Santa’s workshop, Santa lit the tree and it started to “snow.”

After Santa entered his workshop, some of the elves put on a show for the guests.

I have included some pictures from the evening. It dawned on me after I took my first picture that my Minolta DSLR would have served me better or that I needed my mini tripod for my Fujifilm point and shoot.

Snowflakes in Santa's Parade

Snowflakes in Santa's Parade

Santa's Arrival