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Sarah Palin Rally

Photos from the rally to follow.

I was unable to capture the largeness of this crowd since I’m 5’2″ and everyone is taller than me and there were no accessible higher surfaces. To give you some idea of the size of the crowd, the line was about 3-4 people wide and wrapped around from the corner of Paseo Verde and Green Valley, to the back entrance of the Henderson Pavilion (that’s as far as I could see, they could have been lined up farther), back to Paseo Verde and Green Valley, and up the hill to the front access. According to Google, the distance from the back entrance to the front is nearly 1/2 a mile.

I’m guessing there were many more people in line than there were seats because at some point they closed the gates and there were still people in line. We had the good fortune of seeing our friends in line and we joined them. I don’t know if the people in line with us, before we saw our friends and moved up, were able to join the rally or not.

There were protesters at the corner of Green Valley Pkwy. and Paseo Verde. Some people in line were not very kind to the protesters and they, the protesters, were not very kind to us. I don’t think that you can change some one’s mind about what’s right or wrong through insults.

The rally itself was crowded with people cramming into every available nook and cranny. It was sunny outside and warm, so everyone wanted to be in the shade, but shade did not abound.

Before Gov. Palin arrived, it seemed that every republican candidate who was running for office was allowed 45 seconds to say vote for me.

Willow, Piper and Trig attended the rally with Gov. Palin.

I was impressed; some well known Democratic women are supporting Gov. Palin. It did almost seem like the event was geared toward women and that this election wasn’t just about the candidates for president but about equality for women. “Equal pay for equal work,” Gov. Palin said a few times. I 100% agree, if I do as much work as my male counterparts, I deserve the same pay.

This rally did nothing to change my indecisiveness. Sorry Gov. Palin, I do really like you, and would aspire to be you, but it didn’t do it for me. Then again, I think I said before that I don’t just believe what I’m told, I research it first, so maybe after I have a chance to digest and research, something will do it for me.

I would like Sen. Obama’s campaign address Gov. Palin’s charge that he pays women 17% less than the men. I did not check, yet, to see if that’s addressed on his campaign website or elsewhere.

Did anyone attend the rally or watch it on TV? If you did, please comment and let me know your impressions.