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Craft Supplies and Out of Print Patterns

 UPDATED: please visit The Costume Blog for a list of patterns currently available for purchase.

I am out of room in my tiny 10×12′ sewing room, so I’m consolidating and getting rid of craft supplies that I own but do not need or use. Some pictures included in this post. If you want any or all of these items, please contact me, either through this post or by email.

Please offer fair compensation for the supplies to help me pay for the classes I’m taking this fall.

Four Iron-on Designs (pictured)

  • Romantic Chantilly
  • Alpine Floral
  • Art Deco
  • Heirloom Battenberg

Patterns (all new in factory folds and all out of print):

  • 2- McCalls M4713 size FF 16-20 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 2- McCalls M4713 size DD 12-18 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 2- McCalls 2645 size G 20-24 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 1- McCalls 3053 size G 20-24 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 2-McCalls 3053 size C 10-14 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 1-McCalls 4300 size FF 16-22 (Renaissance style wedding gown)
  • 1- McCalls 7538 size GG 18-24 (out of print, Woman’s tea/garden wear dated 1995)
  • 1-McCalls 7538 size CCD 10-16 (out of print, Woman’s tea/garden wear dated 1995)
  • 1-Simplicity 9123 size UU 16-22(women’s sheath dress with jacket)
  • 1- Simplicity 7160 size RR 14-20 (woman’s sheath dress with jacket)
  • 1-Simplicity “It’s So Easy” 5621 size A 8-18 (women’s sun dress)
  • 1- Simplicity 5592 size UU 16-22 (easy woman’s sun dress)
  • 1- Butterick 6504 size 1-3 (children’s formal wear, out of print, dated 1992)

10- Class 15 metal bobbins

2- 6″ Green Velvet Stockings (new with tags)

2- 6″ Red Velvet Stockings (new with tags)

2- Large Red Velvet stockings.