It always catches me by surprise when I have a dream or nightmare related to PC’s time in the hospital or heart stopping. Tuesday night to Wednesday morning I dreamed PC was in the hospital and we didn’t know what was wrong with him. (Sounds familiar).  It wasn’t a scary dream while I was having it, but I didn’t like it when I woke up.

PC is fine. His three month follow up was good. The ICD recorded some instances where PC’s heart apparently skipped a beat, but it’s too sensitive and will be readjusted so it won’t step in too much. The ICD not only delivers a shock if the heart stops, but functions as a pacemaker (if necessary) pacing when the heart rate drops too low.

PC decided to start running again. He was in track and cross country in high school and stopped running when he graduated. At first, PC was going to run alone because I’d be much too slow since I never ran (I was a classical dancer), but once he decided he was out of shape and out of practice he decided I could run with him. We have yet to run together, though. I think we’ll find where he’s somewhat out of shape, I’m really out of shape since I was never in shape to run in the first place.

We also talk about trying tennis (for exercise) since we have access to the courts in Seven Hills. They’re outdoor.  I took lessons when I was young and in college, but I’m not good. I have this indescribable fear of flying round things. However, I am overcoming this fear one ball at a time.

Life is good.


2 responses to “Nightmares

  1. Well Anna, I’m lookin’ and lookin’ and can’t find a contact here on your blog, so I suppose I’ll have to answer your comment on my blog with a comment on yours. LOL. Nope, I did not create the picture you see of the candidates in the Wizard of Oz, but it was certainly done in photoshop. Isn’t Photoshop incredible?


  2. Jon and I don’t exercise together. I’m much more out of shape than he is, plus he rides the exercise bike, and it’s not that comfortable alone, I’m sure with two people it would be very uncomfortable, and awkward.

    I think I’m going to do Yoga still. I’m not sure, this week of sleeping in has been nice.